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Katy Perry Performs At Scala

Katy Perry performed at Scala, in London. She used a variety of stage props to make her act interesting. After her gig, Perry was accompanied by Stine Bramsen, the lead singer of the Danish pop band, Alphabeat. They went to the Ruby Lounge where they danced and had fun. It was rumored that Perry kissed Stine Bramsen even though Travis McCoy, her boyfriend, had banned her from kissing anyone. Let’s hope McCoy does not find out about this.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry at Scala Katy Perry waering big glasses Katy Perry 3.jpg Katy Perry Katy Perry performing Katy Perry 6.jpg Katy Perry 7.jpg Katy Perry 8.jpg Katy Perry 9.jpg Katy Perry 10.jpg Katy Perry 11.jpg McCoy

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