written by Wanda

Katy Perry Picks A Football Theme In Indiana

So the Super Bowl happened Sunday. Apparently that involves football so Katy Perry’s choice of stage attire for the Direct TV Super Saturday Night Concert in Indiana makes sense. I’m not a sport person. It’s not because I’m a girl. My mother is also a girl (clearly) and is a sports fanatic. I know lots of ladies that are into sports. I just don’t happen to be one of them. Judging by these pictures, Katy is as well. Good on her. I think Katy always looks stunning and she looks like she really knows how to put on an entertaining show. Perhaps the powers that be should consider her for the Half Time show next year. I hear this year’s didn’t go so well.


  • Coming from the other side of the Atlantic, I’m not into the Super Bowl and so I’m not clued into the obsession around it. However, if it’s like most sports, then in a way, I do.

    Only Katy Perry can get away with blue hair. It’s not one of my favourites, but it’s not as if that’s gonna stop her now, is it? ;-)

  • I see what you mean, Nandz, about Katy’s hair color. Though she looks cool with it (as only Katy knows how), I would have liked to have seen what a darker/deeper blue would have looked like on her. Maybe that’s next on her list!

    Wanda, the Super Bowl went over my head too, honey.

  • I worry that Katy Perry hasn’t truly taken time out to deal with the breakdown of her marriage. I admire that she’s getting on with things, but I just hope she’s also allowing for the pain to seep through. Keeping it in doesn’t work and can come out in self-destructive patterns.