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Katy Perry Rocks Her Old High School

Maybe I’ve mentioned this before, but I seriously love Katy Perry. I gave her a bit of a hard time with the last pictures we saw of her, but she’s back to true form for these ones. She sexy, feisty yet still almost innocent looking. That’s not what I love about these pictures though. Actually, it’s not even the pictures I love, but the story. These were taken during Katy’s performance in Dos Pueblos High School in Santa Barbara, California; Katy’s old high school. During her surprise performance at her old school she singled out the boy who wouldn’t date her – the most popular boy in her class – and dedicated her song ‘You’re So Gay’ to him. It’s actually one of my favorite songs Katy does, but I love the message behind it. Any girl who was ever picked on or tormented for being different in school dreams of a moment like this – I speak from experience here – and it’s great Katy got her moment. Sure it backfired when the old flame basically said he didn’t care, but Katy should be no less proud of where she is. My moment came when my biggest tormentor approached me in a bar and said I got ‘so hot’. Good moment for me, bad moment for him. Remember, high school boys. Be nice to the weird girls too. You never know who they’re going to end up becoming. We remember these things, ya know.

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