written by Wanda

Katy Perry Still Rocking Her Blue Hair In Paris

I know there are a lot of people out there who aren’t exactly loving Katy Perry’s blue hair but I’m still a pretty big fan of the look on her. I love a woman who isn’t afraid to stand out and so something different and I really think Katy pulls off the blue tresses brilliantly. The dress she’s wearing as she leaves her hotel in Paris? Well, I’m not sure I’m such a big fan of that. I like the shade but I’m not sure I understand the style of the dress. Why the see through skirt? I guess that’s the style these days but just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it looks good. I suppose it’s up to Katy though and regardless of how I feel, Katy looks to feel pretty good enough her choice.


  • I love Katie’s blue hair. On her, it looks good. It takes courage to stand out, whether you’re a celebrity or not. But I guess when you’re a celebrity, it’s a bit easier in some ways, because you’re expected to be creative and expressive —- in other ways, it’s not, because you’re more likely to come under criticism by more people.

    Anyway, anyway, I do like her blue hair. Suits her. :-)

  • I really like Katy Perry. I think she’s mad, beautiful and goofy. The blue hair is her – not a lot of people can carry it off.

    Now her outfit: I don’t understand the bottom half of it. It looks incomplete. I think the top’s a bit ill-fitting too. However it’s no reflection on me liking her. I think she still rocks!

  • I have to agree, Maki. As much as I love Katy, I’m really not feeling what she’s wearing. However, just as she’s individual enough to dye her hair blue (which I like), well, wearing the skirt might be an expression of that too. It just happens to be one I don’t quite dig.

  • I’m surprised Katy hasn’t changed her hair color yet. She changes it quite frequently, doesn’t she, so she must be really liking this particular one. It looks real nice on her. I wonder what color she’ll go for next when she’s ready.

  • She doesn’t look very happy in any of these photos. I can’t see her smiling in any of them. I’m wondering if she’s actually taken a break since the break-up of her marriage or whether she’s been keeping herself extremely busy.

  • I was also going to say there are people around her, but she looks so lonely and alone, like all they care about is Katy the celebrity, all they can see is that. I’m probably reading too much into it. But looking at the pics, my heart goes out to her.

  • As for the blue hair, I wonder… does she shave it down below or is that dyed blue also? I suspect (given the costumes she wears) a thin blue landing strip