written by Wanda

Keira Knightley Is Skinny And I Don’t Care

I know some people like to say Keira Knightley is too skinny but I am not one of those people. I never have been. Yes, she is very slender but I don’t think she looks unhealthy and I’ve always been fairly unconcerned with celebrity body types unless the celebrity in question appears to be unhealthy. In all honesty, for a long time, Keira Knightley was my biggest celebrity crush. There’s just something unnaturally beautiful about her, in my eyes anyway. I don’t know if I love the first photo from this set taken in Corsica but that has more to do with the sunglasses than Keira herself. I love Keira’s eyes so I’d really like to see them. Despite the sunglasses covering one of my favorite features, I think these photos are fantastic. I hope to see more of Keira soon. It’s always a pleasure to write about her.

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