written by Wanda

Kelly Brook Celebrates Victoria Square’s 5th Birthday

For a long time, people were saying Kelly Brook was too curvy to be a lingerie model. I always felt that was hogwash. There has never been a time that I believed Kelly was anything other than stunning, even in photos I wasn’t exactly crazy over, rare as they may have been. As time has passed though, Kelly has really slimmed down a lot. I think that’s obvious in these photos showing Kelly celebrating Victoria Square’s 5th Birthday Bash in Belfast. I still really like the curvier Kelly we’ve been seeing over the last several months but I really like slimmed down Kelly as well. Kelly isn’t one of those women that is beautiful solely because of her body. She has gorgeous facial features and a smile that makes me feel all warm and tingly in my heart area. There is also this sort of magnetism about Kelly that really draws me in. I love this woman – curvy, slim … doesn’t matter. She’s beautiful at any size.

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  • she is the best, so sexy