written by Wanda

Kelly Brook In Italy

Alright, I know how this is going to go. I’m going to say I love Kelly Brook and think she’s sexy. Someone else is going to say she’s fat and needs to lose weight. It’s the circle of life or something like that – at least the circle of the internet. Everyone has an opinion. It just happens to be my job to share mine. Here goes, Kelly Brook looks, in my ever so humble opinion, gorgeous in these pictures from Italy. And I’ll point out one thing – compared with the last bathing suit pictures posted of her, she actually seems to be losing weight. Perhaps before long the whole is she fat or isn’t she fat thing will be moot. Let’s remember, she was pregnant not so long ago and though she tragically lost the baby, it still takes a little while to shed that baby weight. Not everyone is Miranda Kerr… unfortunately.


  • Things can be say in a way that we all agree: Kelly Brook has seen better days.

  • She is hot no matter what. And she’s one of few celebrities that look good without makeup.

  • She is definitely hot, but recently she was a thermonuclear bomb. This is the question.

  • She’s HOT! What a body!

  • She is not FAT! She looks great. Curves are sexy in my opinion. At least she is not starving herself and have bones hanging out. I think that she is perfect the way she is and others need to realize this.

  • Kelly Brooks looks great. When she has the cover up on , she does nothing for me. But once she takes that off, she looks hot in her suit. She has some serious curves that is for sure. I love it About time woman show their curves.

  • she is great looking and she has a great body, proper women, real nice curves she is way hotter than most women on this site for sure

  • Fit as hell

  • kelly is lush and her friend is rather nice too, fit birds

  • kelly is fit as fuck