written by Wanda

Kelly Brook Is A Stunning Woman.

Every time I see Kelly Brook’s name on my assignment list, I get a little excited but I’m starting to run out of things to say about her. These photos from a party at Bodo’s Schloss Restaurant in London are fantastic and she looks great in them but what else can I say about them? I’m not loving the outfit she’s chosen here but she still looks great. The outfit compliments her strongest features even if I don’t like the material. This is a very pretty woman. I love the fact that she’s a little curvier than the average model. It sets her apart from the pack and really makes her stand out for all the right reasons. I’m quite certain it isn’t possible for me to love this woman more.


  • she is so fit, those legs yum my, all them women are sexy

  • Kelly Brook is a very pretty lady. I think that she has curves that all woman should be proud of. Her face is very pretty and she has some great style. Her outfit would look awful on me but on her it is fantastic.

  • this women is a goddess, words cant describe how sexy she is, her body is isane

  • she has great legs