written by Wanda

Kelly Brook Is Back!

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve seen new photos of Kelly Brook. It actually probably hasn’t been that long but I don’t care. I love this woman and I am just tickled pink to be writing about her again. In these photos from London, Kelly looks absolutely fantastic. I’m not sure how she’s managing to walk in those shoes but it doesn’t matter. They look great and she seems to be doing just fine on them. I know this woman sometimes causes a bit of controversy around these parts but I will never waver in my commitment to expressing my unending love for this beautiful woman. Just look at that smile. It’s so sly and demure. I don’t think there is a way I could be more in love with Kelly Brook.


  • damn fine, those heels are great, love the outfit showing off her fit body and those legs yummy, ideal women

  • she looks stunning, outfit is nice, she is one of the sexiest women, only way she could look better is if she just stripped off for us all and got naked showing us that sexy body she has got