written by Wanda

Kelly Brook Is Looking As Sexy As Ever.

Kelly Brook has curves. Get over it. Seriously. I don’t get why people have to be so hateful. It’s insulting and not just to the celebrity in question but to women in general and hey, that goes both ways. People should quit with their negativity whether it’s directed towards curvy girls or skinny girls. And yes, skinny girls to get a lot of that negativity as well. We get told to eat a sandwich. We get told real women have curves. It ain’t true, my friends. Real women have breasts and a vagina. The size of the breasts doesn’t matter. In the past, I’ve been guilty of saying Kelly is a real woman because she has curves but that wasn’t fair to myself or all the other skinny girls out there. We’re real women too and I know that. I just happen to find women with curves a little more appealing. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that I’m skinny. If I want to see a skinny girl in a bikini, I’ll put on a bikini and look in the mirror. Whatever though. The point I am trying to make here is that I look at these gorgeous photos of Kelly Brook and I can’t fathom how someone can be heartless enough to call her fat. She’s not fat. There are fat celebrities in Hollywood. There’s a big difference between fat and full figured and Kelly is full figured. And that’s the end of my rant about that. Moving on.


  • stunning women, one of sexiest

  • She looks amazing. She has some meat on her bones and still looks just as sexy as one of the paper thin models. I think that she is even prettier than most of the toothpicks that model today.

  • OMG those curves are driving me crazy. This lady is smoking hot, on fire. She is just a true site to see. I do not care much for skinny gals but this gal can join me any day of the week.

  • This girl has some serious curves going on and it is refreshing to see. I am so tired of seeing girls that weigh 100 pounds with nothing going on. This girl rocks this photo shoot for sure.

  • cassie and tim i agree totally, curves are awesome, and she is stunningly sexy

  • I think that Kelly Brook is gorgeous. Those curves make her a true woman. I hate seeing the skinny models all the time . And I do feel that it is curves that the men want to see.

  • curves are superb, i love curvy sexy babes like kelly