written by Wanda

Kelly Brook Is Not Fat

No really. Kelly Brook isn’t fat. At all. The last time I posted about her, the comments – Lord, the comments. It absolutely drives me nuts that woman in Hollywood need to be stick thin to be considered attractive. This woman is gorgeous. I am a straight female and even I would totally do her. I would do her in a million positions. I love her hair. I love her face and I adore her body. I’m not letting anyone change my mind on this one. Here in Kent, Kelly looks flat out gorgeous. I demand to know how Kelly is called fat but Kim Kardashian isn’t. Ridiculous.


  • See, you did learn something from our previous comments. She is just hot and you should totally make out! ;)

    • Hey now – I said all along she wasn’t fat. I guess I just didn’t communicate it as clearly as I’d hoped. I definitely didn’t want to make that mistake again!

  • She is very hot, but needs to lose some weight. She is not in the same shape that time ago. The bikini pictures prove it.

  • Nice rack!

  • hi..your fitness very well but u always douing exce….

  • Fat? Fat doesn’t come into it at all, not for me anyway. How can anyone think it? The mind boggles.

    Kelly is very curvy – a natural beauty. She looks like she actually eats, which is a good thing. She’s a good/healthy role model for showing that it’s OK for a woman to have some meat on her bones, for her to look like she enjoys her food.

  • if she is fat then elephants are malnourish, dumb schmucks !

  • I would take her over Kim Kardashian any day, more real, that is a real women not stick thin, i love curvy women

  • kelly is the best, so hot