written by Wanda

Kelly Brook Is Slimming Down

I’ve been saying that Kelly Brook isn’t fat for a few posts now and it seems now that she’s doing everything she can to prove the critics wrong and prove me right. She is definitely slimming down. If you need evidence, just look at the pictures of Kelly posted a few sets ago. She was in a black one piece bathing suit and she looked considerably heavier. People tend to forget that only a short time ago, Kelly was pregnant. I don’t care what other models would have you believe. It takes time to lose baby weight. For some it’s harder than others. Perhaps it just took Kelly a bit longer. Here on the Italian island of Ischia, Kelly looks fabulous in her black polka dotted one piece that flatters her body perfectly. I love her and while I liked her curvier figure, I also like her more slimmed down body. I like this woman no matter what she does.


  • You and I think alike. I have always thought that she looked beautiful. Besides, I love a girl with curves.

  • I also prefer curvy girls, I even like chubby girls more than skinny girls we are all different, if everyone thought the same would be boring, kelly brook is gorgeous, she has an awesome figure

  • she has a great body and is a superb looking women, she is sex on legs