written by Wanda

Kelly Brook Puts On A Show; Looks Fantastic.

I have never made my love for Kelly Brook a secret. I think this lady is fantastic. These pictures of Kelly in “Forever Crazy” in London just drive my point home. She’s sexy but she clearly doesn’t take herself so seriously she can’t have a little fun. This looks like such a fun, entertaining show. I like the fact that despite near constant criticism of her body type, Kelly isn’t afraid to get up on the stage wearing a skimpy costume. That confidence and that courage is a big part of what makes Kelly so attractive to me. Of course the fact that she’s smoking hot doesn’t hurt in the least.


  • This looks like it would have been a great performance to see. It looks very interesting indeed. Kelly looks great here. I have always admired her for looking good. Some say she is fat but get off your high horses, she is curvy.

  • she is not fat in any way hot ridiclous people say that, she has an incredible body, lovely curves, sexy long legs, great rack, she is busting out here. Those Legs are great, she is perfect

  • love how she is showing her legs off and that her big boobs are busting out her top, as you say bit of a skimpy outfit but she has a great body so im sure she feels fine wearing such stuff. A lot of people call anyone fat, if you see a women or guy etc for example and they are a bit chubby or not much have meat on their bones they get labelled as fat, she is not fat in any way, she is curvy as hell.