written by Wanda

Kelly Brook’s Outfit Doesn’t Make A Lot Of Sense But She Still Looks Sexy

I’ve never really understood heavy winter jackets and winter boots paired with shorts or short skirts because it just doesn’t seem logical to me but I’ve also never really understood fashion so maybe my point it moot. I don’t care what she’s wearing in these photos, snapped in London, because no matter what she’s wearing, she looks hot. I think that may just be a Kelly Brook thing though. I mean, girlĀ always looks hot. I love her in ways I can’t adequately explain with mere words. I love her body. I love her face. I love her confidence. I love everything about her. She doesn’t look as happy in these photos as I’m used to seeing her look but that’s okay. No one can look happy all of the time … except maybe Maria Menounos.

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