written by Wanda

Kelly Osbourne Looks Amazing

Is… that really Kelly Osbourne? For real? I’ve been saying for years that she’s a pretty girl, but no one ever really believed me until now. I love her. I have her albums. I watched her on Dancing With the Stars. Why? Because I love her attitude. I love the fact that she has guts and brains. She isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. She isn’t afraid to defend herself when the press is being unnecessarily harsh. She just isn’t afraid to be Kelly Osbourne and it’s getting more and more clear every day that the babe is finally coming into her own. She looks stunning, absolutely gorgeous, in these pictures. She’s had a rough go of it and now with her separation from her long time boyfriend, the world is looking to her for another breakdown and more fodder for the gossip rags, but this time, Kelly isn’t letting it happen. She’s picking herself up, moving on and looking gorgeous while she does it.

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  • im stunned by this awesome change! her body is outstanding and she looks beautiful! omg those legs! too sexy

  • she looks great! healthy and fit, not skinny!

  • she is bang tidy, Love the tight outfit showing off that great tight body, great curves, great bust, she is my ideal type of women, perfect build, awesome meaty legs, superb thighs.

    Just look at those great thick legs, she would be a good ride, wouldn’t mind her being on top of me

  • i jerk off to her all the time, so busty, great legs, dman she is fine as fuck

  • powerful strong calves on thic curvy hottie, id smash that all night

  • so curvy i love it, those legs are great too, she is well fit