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Kelly Ripa Black Bikini Photos

Spotted while having fun in Miami, Kelly Ripa seems like showing off her muscles. However, she still looks hot. The talk show host’s ass is still in good shape making her looks amazingly gorgeous in her black tiny bikini. Kelly may look skinny in these photos, but still I admire a lot her flat abs minus the muscles. Kelly can be into various controversies, but seeing her happy and contented with her lovely kids and handsome hubby, surely, she will still reign as one of the top and hottest talk show hosts of today and probably tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa Kelly RipaKelly Ripa Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa


  • Awesome photo candids! What a great week for Ripa, she spent much of her time by the beach or a pool.

  • Holy crap! Her son’s going to be jerking off thinking about his mom when he’s older…LOL. It’s gotta be tough to have a mom that hot.

  • Poor kids, all of their friends are going to want to bang their mom. She looks so amazing. You could bounce a quarter off of that tight ass

  • Kelly is a bit thinner then i usually like. But she could ride my cock anytime. I hear that she is really great in the bedroom. Her energy would make it a real pleasure to screw her for hours


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