written by Wanda

Kelly Rowland Is An Underrated Beauty

I know Beyonce is the breakout star of Destiny’s Child but I’ve always felt that Kelly Rowland doesn’t get anywhere near the credit she deserves. She’s a beautiful and talented woman who really deserves a much bigger spotlight shining on her. I have loved the vast majority of her work as a solo artist and looking at these pictures, I think she holds her own right next to Beyonce in terms of her physical beauty. She’s got an incredible body and those eyes of hers? Please. I could stare at this lady for hours on end and never get tired of her. I haven’t always agreed with her fashion choices but even in questionable outfits, she’s looked incredible. Let’s give this babe the credit she so clearly deserves. Beautiful, beautiful woman.


  • she is stunning, wish she just got fully naked for us all

  • Hot!!!!!