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Kendall Jenner And A Dolphin In Las Vegas.

I like Kendall Jenner despite generally disliking anyone and everything associated with the Kardashians. Kendall is different to me. The fact that she’s posing with a dolphin in these photos from Las Vegas only makes me love her more. I am fairly disturbed that the dolphin isn’t in the water but hey, dolphin! Yay! I have a bit of a dolphin obsession. My dolphin obsession is only topped by my penguin obsession, my squirrel obsession and my obsession with cats playing pianos so these pictures make me happy. Did you know dolphins have sex for fun, just like humans? Just a fun little tidbit I picked up somewhere along the line. Also, ducks have penises. Isn’t that weird? Anyway – dolphin. Kendall Jenner. Great photos.

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  • nice feet, she is so pretty