written by Wanda

Kendall Jenner Celebrates Her 17th Birthday With A Little Skating.

There is a reason I like Kendall Jenner even though I’m not really a big fan of the rest of the Kardashians. She just seems like such a normal girl. In these photos, Kendall is celebrating her 17th birthday. She looks great, of course, but she also looks like a normal 17 year old just trying to enjoy her birthday. If my birthday wasn’t in the middle of May, I probably would’ve celebrated by 17th the same way Kendall did. I’d also like to point out the outfit she’s wearing here. It looks great on her but it’s also very age appropriate. It’s sometimes easy to forget that there are some young girls out there who are content to be young girls instead of trying to be older. Sure some of her photo shoots have been a bit on the racy side but I don’t think what she does in front of the camera really counts. What counts is what she does behind the scenes and to me, it looks like she does the same things most girls her age do although perhaps with a bit more money.

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  • Kendall is looking more and more like Kim each day which is a good thing. She is a pretty 17 year old that has a lot going for her. She could ride the shirt tails of her sisters but she has decided to make her own money which I give her credit for.