written by Wanda

Kendall Jenner Is A Model Or Something

A few hours ago, I wrote a post about Selena Gomez in which I discussed my complete lack of interest in her. Most of the same things can be said for Kendall Jenner, well, minus the “not as crazy as her boyfriend” part. I don’t know who Kendall’s boyfriend is. I don’t care. I’m sure he’s young rich and gorgeous. I’m also sure he’d make me want to slap him without even opening his mouth. Here’s the thing about Kendall though. I want to like her. The superficial, shallow side of me actually does even. She’s a beautiful girl but I find all her drama exhausting. It’s not her fault. It’s got to be a family thing. Just look at her sisters Kim and Khloe. This absurd “girl fight” between Kendall, her sister (that other Jenner Kid) and Selena Gomez is so high school drama it should have it’s own show on the CW. Who am I kidding though? I’d totally watch that and hate myself more and more with every episode.

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  • awesome face, she should always do modelling pics