written by Wanda

Kendall Jenner Takes A Trip To The Salon

I know I’ve said this a million times but Kendall Jenner is one of the few Kardashian related people I actually like. In these photos of the young lady visiting a salon in Hollywood, we see a little bit of why. I love her sense of style. I love everything about the outfit she’s wearing here. It’s casual and comfortable looking but still stylish – perfect for a day at the salon. I adore the hat and the shoes. To me, a great outfit is all about the accessories. Over accessorizing can kill an outfit but she’s gotten it just right here. I know some people have a problem with Kendall. Maybe because she’s young, rich and beautiful. Maybe because she sometimes comes across as spoiled and entitled but out of the entire family, Kendall is the one that I feel is the most level headed. I could be wrong. I mean, I’ve never actually watched any of the Kardashian shows so I might be missing something but that’s just the vibe I get from her. I like her and will continue liking her until she gives me a reason not to.

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