written by Wanda

Kendra Wilkinson Filming ‘Kendra’ In Santa Monica

I liked Kendra Wilkinson before I saw her on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She seemed to down to earth – a real ‘one of the guys’ kind of girl who also happened to be smoking hot. Her appearance on the dance competition show, however, made her look like a whiny little princess and that bugged me. With that said, my opinion of her is changing again. There’s no particular reason for that. I suppose the memory of her stint on the show is fading now, leaving me with just the vision of her in her sexy aqua dress. Must be a little chilly at Santa Monica beach where Kendra is filming her show ‘Kendra’. I like that she seems happiest when she’s with her husband and son. I also like that she has a killer body she doesn’t mind showing off. I just think Kendra would be smart to avoid the reality competition shows and stick to what she knows.


  • She is a real beauty..Hef why didn’t you say no to her? ;)

  • She’s freezing her nipples off!!