written by Wanda

Kendra Wilkinson Goes Surfing

While I liked Kendra Wilkinson after her constant whining on “Dancing with the Stars”, I have to admit I really like these pictures. This is the side of Kendra I’ve always been a fan of – the relaxed Kendra who knows how to have fun. She looks like she’s having a great time on the beach with her family and the braids? I love the braids! They really suit her and that look isn’t one all women can pull off. I think she looks lovely here but I especially like seeing her with her family. That seems to be when she’s at her most comfortable. I’m not ready to say I’m a fan again yet but perhaps I’m getting there.

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  • I like Kendra. She is carefree and funny. That is why I think she is a good mom. Nobody needs a strses out lady as a mom On the other hand, my style has improved because I refuse to let go so I make sure I have make up on and that my hair is styled. I used to wear my hair straight during my second pregnancy but now barely have time to shave my legs now so curly it is. Also, I apply my makeup at work so I can be on time. So people see me in my natural face state and then they see me with my face on Good times!!