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Kendra Wilkinson Got The Look

Oww, Kendra Wilkinson is celebrity of the day. She truly had no competition on the set of MTV’s “Celebrity Rap Superstar”. See one of the hottest video of Kendra performs Nelly’s “Hot In Herre”.

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson MTV Kendra Wilkinson 2.jpg Celebrity Rap Superstar Kendra Wilkinson 4.jpg Kendra Wilkinson 5.jpg Kendra Wilkinson 6.jpg Kendra Wilkinson 7.jpg


  • Kendra Wilkinson may be dumb as rocks, but Kendra knows that her athletic body is all she has and she uses it well. You gotta give her props for that.

  • People seem to like anything that is blond with big tits. Regardless of what their face look like.

    Well, personally, I don’t like platinum blond chicks with fake tits, especially ugly and untalented ones like Kendra Wilkinson.

  • C’mon guys, get real, I don’t like her much, but Kendra looks hot in some of these.

  • Kendra looks good

  • kendra is ugly. i can’t believe there are not web pages devoted to that fact alone. She is the ugliest playboy bunny ever. I see at least 10 girls a day that are way way way hotter than her. I’m from San Diego and she does not represent our city in the beauty dept..

  • She is UGLY. NO seriously… 2 words. TRAILER TRASH.
    HD is not good for her. I saw her last night with no makeup on and she looked horrible.

  • stop hatin u no she looks hot yall r jus jealous

  • how come, every time people say that a celebrity is ugly, someone says it is
    “jealousy???” MY GOD, i just think she is fugly!!!!!

  • Yep it’s all been said, there are so many beautiful natural girls out there & she’s not one of them, but i guess if fake, skanky, sell your ass to playboy, cold faced bitches are ‘ur thang’, then go for it, its a free country :)