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Kendra Wilkinson Has Pretty Cleavage

The sexy TV personality and playboy model Kendra Wilkinson was spotted in Poland promoting her reality Television show “Kendra”. Changing from one sexy outfit to another, Kendra was able to present her pretty cleavage to both sexy dresses of pink and black. Kendra’s pink dress was able to show her beautiful body shape, while black one able to show her beautifully shaped boobs. While promoting, Kendra also has rocked the E! Channel studios in Poland with some presumably autograph signing. Looking to one of the photos, Kendra was able to place her hand in between her legs carefully, so upskirt fanatics might be a little bit upset.

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson Kendra Wilkinson Kendra WilkinsonKendra Wilkinson Kendra Wilkinson Kendra Wilkinson Kendra Wilkinson Kendra Wilkinson


  • she is totally busting out

  • I would love to know where to get Kendra’s Pink Dress that she’s wearing on the cover on US Weekly June 21, 2010. I have a high school reunion that I would love to wear it to! Thanks.


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