written by Wanda

Kesha Actually Looks Pretty Hot

Okay, folks. I know I talk a lot of smack about Kesha, but I am the first person to admit when I’m wrong. No, I still don’t like her music, but as of late, I’ve at least been earning a real respect for her style. These pictures are only strengthening that respect. She might not have the most fashionable duds on, and I’m not sure those boots would look right with any outfit, but Kesha actually really pulls the look off. I love that she isn’t just doing the shocking and outrageous thing. That’s been done and done and done. Here she has a look all her own, and I appreciate that. Maybe I’ll go back and give ‘Animal’ another spin. I mean, there’s got to be something I’m missing. One of the top selling albums of the year… all that jazz. But hey – like her or now, she looks pretty killer in these pictures so I definitely can’t hate on her for that.

Kesha Kesha KeshaKesha Kesha


  • Now I KNOW whoever writes this ish is a NUT. Lasy week, a picture of JennLH with her doughy assistant left the blogger checking out THE ASSISTANT. This week, Keisha is hot? NOT ON HER BEST DAY. Man, you need a doctor…

  • Hey Frank, be nice. I don’t need a doctor. I said Kesha is hot – at least in comparison to how she normally looks and I stand by that. These pics show a definite improvement. As for JLH, I have to agree in theory. I’d take JLH over Kesha any day of the week, but I just wasn’t feeling those particular pictures. In my humble opinion, the assistant or whoever showed up Jennifer. Rare occurrence to be sure, but that’s the way I saw it. Perhaps I was just expecting more from Jennifer because of those smoking hot pictures of her with the cowboy hat.

  • Oooh. WANDA. Well, that explains everything. I wouldn’t expect a woman to really understand what makes a woman HOT(in a man’s mind). Anymore than I could know why you might think a man was…

  • I have to agree there. Women definitely find different things attractive in other women than men do.

  • I don’t know what to think about Kesha. Sometimes she’s hot – like here, and sometimes she most definitely is not.

    I feel the same way about her music too – she knows how to write a catchy pop tune, and some of her songs are good, but all too often she relies on being brash and dumb. I bought her ‘Animal’ album when it first came out here in the uk, and it sounded great at first, but it’s very much a short-term pleasure – after a few months I found myself not wanting to put it on any more.

  • What’s this I hear about Kesha joining Key 103 in Manchester to present Sunday nights 7-10pm – exclusive to Key 103?

    Is this a rumour, or confirmed?

  • I’ve always thought she was hot! No one ever seems to agree with me :(. She defently can look good when she’s trying

  • i think shes hot

  • Frank, seriously are you gay ? Kesha is definitely hot .

  • she is not ugly, some people just like to put others down because they dont have strikingly nice looks or great bodies but how shallow is that