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Kesha Wears Your Grandmother’s Bathing Suit

Um… yeah. I did a post a while back there I trashed the hell out of Kesha and it upset some people. I did a post where I said she looked better than she usually does and that upset some people. I stand by my opinion of both sets of pictures. With this set… I don’t even really know what to say. Kesha hit the beaches of Australia wearing this and I just don’t know what to say beyond that. I suppose I commend her for giving into the pressure Hollywood puts on its women to be sexy because, in all honesty and without the slightest bit of exaggeration, this is the most unflattering bathing suit I have ever seen. On anyone. No one could make this hot mess look good.

Kesha wears your Grandmothers bathing suit

Kesha wears your Grandmothers bathing suit Kesha wears your Grandmothers bathing suit Kesha wears your Grandmothers bathing suit Kesha wears your Grandmothers bathing suit Kesha wears your Grandmothers bathing suit


  • “Kesha wears your Grandmother’s bathing suit” And why shouldn’t she? She looks like somebody’s grandmother.

    • I have seem some pictures in which she’s moderately attractive. Very, very few, though.

  • Hmm… I musta been havin a Stevie Wonder/Ray Charles/Jose Feliciano/Roy Orbison moment when those were around…

  • You know, atleast she’s doing something with her life unlike every losser behind their computer judging her for appearence. Seriously get a life if you’ve come on here to tell everyone how ugly you think she is lol. Fact Is she’s Rick abd famous and you guys don’t have lives. I say good on her

  • The main picture isn’t flattering, but I think that was just down to the way she was standing in that particular picture. There’s nothing wrong with her body – just that her choice of swimwear doesn’t make the most of what she’s got. A one piece, or a two-piece with a see-through sarong, or a short kaftan would have complimented her body shape better.

  • hahahahahahahaha! bleee!

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