written by Wanda

Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Make A Splash

I would love to just be able to make up my mind about the Kardashian family but I just can’t seem to figure it all about. There is a big part of me that believes their fame represents just how little it takes to be famous these days. There’s an equally big part of me that respects what the Kardashians have done with their time in the spotlight. They’ve turned reality television fame into an empire. That’s savvy, at least. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Kim Kardashian’s style. I like her makeup. I like the way she wears her hair and I generally like the clothes she wears. I’m not crazy over this bikini though. I much prefer Kourtney’s. I also have to admit it’s nice seeing Kourtney looking so happy. These are great pictures. I guess I like the Kardashians today.



  • My mom is a hardcore kim fan..she is trying to maintain her body like kim..my mom have a great collection of bikini’s and cooler’s.. my mom’s favorate beach is hawaii…we both enjoyed there many times..i jizzed in her body many times without knowing…my whole time wish is,, to fuck her in that beach..

  • i know im repeating melysf thats my point that way,, i know she did a porn, and it was boring! so i dont think she got payed much for it lol well i hope anyways,,,, i think they are really funny and silly,, i think its cuz me and my sisters and brothers are really close like them, i seen alot of funny things they do, that we did. now were all in differant parts of the world and its nice to see them. maybe i am overrating her, maybe in my eyes im not. i like her fashion its fun

  • Ugggh. I am so over the Kardashian sisters. They are all over the place. It makes me sick. You would think that Kourtney was the only one to ever be knocked up and you would think that Kim was the only one who made a sex tape and only had a short marriage. Get over it.

  • her massive ass is perfect for doggy