written by Christine

Kim Cattrall Is Still SMOKIN’

Here you see Kim Cattrall on set of the long-awaited big screen debut of the television drama Sex and the City. Fans will remember Kim as the sex pistol Samantha from the show, and these pics show she hasn’t lost her stuff since the series ended. Ok, so she’s got a little cellulite, but cut her a break. This beauty is 51 years old and showing she’s still got it. And she’s got it GOOD.

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall Photoshoot Kim Cattrall Pic Kim Cattrall 4.jpg Kim Cattrall 5.jpg Kim Cattrall 6.jpg Kim Cattrall 7.jpg


  • holy shit her legs are smoking hot

  • If I could have sex with any of the women on sex and the city it would be her!

  • wow Kim is so good looking! Dam she has incredible hot sexy legs

  • yes, i agree totally more pics of her the better, she is a stunning women I remember when I watched all sex and the city and I always thought she was the httest of the lot, great body, nice face, she is perfect imo.

    Her sex scenes were epic, I wish i was having real sex with her lets be honest, the amount of times I have jerked off to lovely kim, she is gorgeous

  • great legs, great as,s great face, what a milf, and i only just read she is over 50, holy cow i wanna have sex with her

  • kim is one sexy ass women

  • 50 + yrs and still as fit as anything, id give her some loving

  • those legs are yummy, so yummy

  • best of the chicks on sex and the city, for me sarah jessica parker would be last of the 4, only opinion , Kim is number one, pure sex she is, what a sexy women.

    Those Legs are awesome

  • Kristin Davis is fitter imo but Kim is nice indeed, great legs on show, she is an attractive lady for sure to think she is over 50 and what a body on her