written by Wanda

Kim Kardashian And Jonathan Cheban In Miami.

Oh Kim Kardashian. As a celebrity, I loathe you. You are famous for no good reason and have no discernible talent to speak of yet you’re one of the most famous women in the world. How has that happened? Oh right – the sex tape and the rear end. I don’t know. I hate the idea of celebrities like Kim Kardashian becoming household names while people with real, genuine talent sometimes never make it beyond art house productions. It seems unfair. With all of that said though, I really do love Kim’s style and I love looking at her. She’s a beautiful woman and she looks killer in a bikini as you can clearly see in these photos of Kim at Miami beach with Jonathan Cheban. This means I’m part of the problem. At least I admit it? Nope – doesn’t make it any better. Such is life though, I suppose. Also, Kanye? Calling a woman a “Perfect Bitch” isn’t the compliment you may think it is to most women. While it seems okay with Kim so I don’t really have a problem with it, you might want to be careful who else you may say it to as you may find yourself on the receiving end of a nasty slap. It’s kind of like me calling you a super talented douchebag (which I happen to think you are) and being surprised you were offended. If you’re cool with it though, I may call you Super Talented Douchebag from now on. Nah – too wordy. How about keeping it simple with just STD. Yep. Sounds about right.



  • don’t care foe either,another celeb no talent but she is very sexy, great knockers


  • I love that suit on Kim. It looks amazing on here and I would love to have one as well. I can not believe she thinks it is ok that Kayne refers to her as a bitch. I would have dumped his ass for sure.

    • I guess it’s really her choice but if my man referred to me as “bitch”, even with perfect in front of it, he’d get the cold shoulder for a while at the very least. I guess rap that’s okay though. I remember a few years back Ja Rule (I think) had a song called “Down Ass Bitch”. Disrespectful to women? Perhaps but I have to admit to loving the song far more than I should’ve.

  • she is fit as fuck, always see her in huge heels, bet she is tiney bit over 5’0 i bet she wears 5 inch heels lot of time.

    Didn’t ray j smash her yrs ago

    • He did, yes. On video, I believe.

  • I agree with Wanda on this. I would never call my lady a bitch, it is not acceptable. It is a slam no matter what else he puts in the song.
    Kim does look pretty good in this suit. I think that she is one attractive lady no matter where she is.

  • Kim Kardashian is overrated. I do not care much for her. She is pretty but that is about it. I think that she is just popular because of her father. All of the Kardashians are in the public eye for what their dad did. They mean nothing to me.

  • She is like mY Mom..bikini lover..

  • It’s the sort of behaviour that is apparant nowadays from certan guys who think it is acceptable to call women every name under the sun, I have heard guys myself say that the bitch im banging nowadays or she is a slut already shagged her last week so what does that make them a stud, or an arrogant douchebag who managed to get all these women.

    What amazes me is what some women see in these guys, most are so shallow, self centred but so arrogant its unreal but then the women are as bad

    Kim and Kanye are welcome to eachother, both a pair of wallies it seems