written by Ann

Kim Kardashian At Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian and her sister, Khloe Kardashian, were at the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. They were dressed in their sexy, evening gowns. This was an important event as sellers and buyers congregated together to facilitate business deals. Celebrities mixed and mingled to gain social networking. This year, the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week had 100 fashion industry experts from a mixture of 15 countries. The Aussie event came a long way to become an international fashion event.

Kim Kardashian

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  • Only good looking Kardashian is Kim.

  • I would agree. her sis is a hefer.

  • update ur site bitches

  • lol site seems upgraded.. whats wrong with it?

  • im so in love with kims body

  • All 3 kardashian’s are gorgeous in their glamour. its just that Kim is unique and on another level. No one in Hollywood history has become a star based on Her Ass to the degree that now their entire family is famous and also stars. Even J-Lo couldn’t do that.

    Kourtney is more the common beauty. Sort of a ‘Girl Next Door Type’ who most would find less of a challenge in comparison to Kim.

    Khloe is like an Amazon in that most American men are intimidate by Her sort of physicality.

    Kim is unique and is the ballast who lifts the others up but to say she is the only one who’s beautiful is a typical Bud-Lite Maxxim Stuffer juvenile attitude.

    They are a typical three sister unit which has historical precedence and now each has their own following but Kim is on another level so at to make her
    sisters seem less than what they are.