written by Wanda

Kim Kardashian Had A Birthday Or Something

I dunno, guys. I’m really kinda over Kim Kardashian. I always disliked her as a person but still thought she was stunning. Now … well, she’s still stunning. I just don’t care about her stunning-ness anymore. There are many, many far more attractive women in the entertainment industry I’d rather be looking at. Does she look hot in these shots from her birthday party in Las Vegas? Yeah, I suppose. Do I care? Nope. I think Kim could take a stroll down Rodeo in her birthday suit and I’d still find the pics boring. I can’t be the only person that feels that way.


  • she has the real sexy women body i love, mega curvy, them boobies are huge, kanye is a idiot but so lucky getting to go home to bed with kim.

    She is so sexy

  • Because of who she married, she has discounted herself by 75%. Used to have high promise.

  • we can all see what kanye is happy about has a huge smile on his face whilst looking at her huge ass boobs, you can tell he was thinking I cant wait to get you home tonight, he might be a grade a douchebag but I wanna tap his wife and most of you guys would love to bang kim kardashian too

  • she has no talent, but she is a fox and she knows it, she should jsut stick to doing what she does best, getting her boobs out and showing that huge ass, she may as well get naked for us all now

  • great big boobies


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