written by Christine

Kim Kardashian In Beverly Hills

Here is Kim Kardashian out and about Beverly Hills in one of her famous track suits. I guess pinky must be in the wash or something on this particular day. With all those sisters she has, you would think someone would give her the nudge that those track suits are quite possibly the least flattering thing you can wear… when you have that ass.

Kim Kardashian Green Outfit

Kim Kardashian Public Kim Kardashian Booty Kim Kardashian 3.jpg Kim Kardashian 4.jpg Kim Kardashian 5.jpg Kim Kardashian 6.jpg Kim Kardashian 7.jpg Kim Kardashian 8.jpg Kim Kardashian 9.jpg


  • Hehe.. she is always wearing this green suit.

  • True… there is no need for a change, sice she looks hot in this :))

  • Damn, she makes me… I better go watch her sex tape again. lol


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