written by Wanda

Kim Kardashian In Playboy

Sometimes it’s nice to bring out the classics, isn’t it? I already had a mean dislike of Kim Kardashian going on when she posted for Playboy but when I saw the pictures, I had to give credit where credit was do. The lady looked fantastic. Now that some time has passed and my feelings for Kim had softened a little bit, I can look at the photos a bit more objectively. Yup. Still hot. Kim has an incredible body. I love her curves. I also love her confidence. This is a woman that knows how to turn it on for the camera. Of course I’m still not exactly Kim’s biggest fan but the girl looks good. I can’t even try to deny it.


  • she is a goddess, a very sexy women with a great body, so curvy and looks so hot even tho most cant stand her there’s no denying she is a stunner.

    no guy would pass up a night with her, her boobs, her ass, the things any guy would do with her

  • Are these new photos of Kim in Playboy? I thought that she did this a while ago? Because she was not really sure if she wanted to do it? Anyway she looks really good. Classy as well. Not really a Kardashian fan but I enjoyed looking at these.

    • They are the original Playboy pictures – fairly old but classics.

  • I didn’t recognise her without a mouthful of black cock.
    She’s such a skank, yuk!

  • Shame she fell in love with beetlejuice

  • These are playboy out-takes and not the original shoot, but nice post none the less.

    • Ugh – sorry. I meant to put that in my comment and forgot. I liked some of these shots more than what actually made the magazine.

  • loving it

  • naked pics of kim, yummy, shame she likes arrogant black men in real life

  • ur hot kim x

  • she loves media attention and all but you cant deny she has a banging body