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Kim Kardashian Is Kim-possibly Sexy

Kim Kardashian – the one who started it all (first it was the infamous sex tape with then boyfriend Ray J and then she hobnobbed with the rich and famous and then now she leads the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality show) – is lookin’ mighty fine on the cover of Ralph Magazine for its May 2008 edition. Let’s just say she’s one “Kim-possibly sexy” gal! Dressed in underwear that highlights her curves and other ASSets, Kim shows that she’s one beauty who stirs a lot of guys’ imaginations!

Kim Kardashian

Ralph Magazine May 2008 ASSets Kardashians reality show Kim Kardashian in underwear


  • thank god for photoshop :)

  • Isn’t this normal for Magazine cover? :)

  • No ass picture? :(

  • when i see her , i have something become taller

  • kim isnt possibly sexy she absolutly sexy. one of the best bodies on this earth.


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