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Kim Kardashian Is Puss In Boots

This was at the launch of Home Nightclub in St Louis. Here we have rare pictures of Kim Kardashian covering up her boobies. She usually exposed them to get some tanning from the light bulbs flashing. Kim didn’t turn around for her famous booty pose either. She still looks smashing like a sexy puss in high, black boots. For some reason or other, she’s letting the other gal take the heat of the moment. We would have to settle for her mega watt smile and thrilling boots.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian in Boots Kim Kardashian 2.jpg Kim Kardashian 3.jpg Kim Kardashian 4.jpg Kim Kardashian 5.jpg Kim Kardashian 6.jpg Kim Kardashian 7.jpg Kim Kardashian 8.jpg Kim Kardashian 9.jpg

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  • Nice boots.


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