written by Ann

Kim Kardashian Is The Party Girl

Kim Kardashian graced Rayman Ravin Rabbids TV Party with her presence. Kardashian dressed up in a mix of party girl and formal styles. Kardashian sparkled with her sleek, glossy hair and full-bodied top. Her pencil line skirt toned down the celebratory top. Kardashian’s bust enjoyed a fair bit of attention with a flattering top. This week, the buzz has been on Khloe Kardashian, who has posed naked for Peta. It was everyone’s guess as to which Kardashian would be the next to pose for Peta.

Kim Kardashian

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  • Thanks for the PETA mention! You can find more sexy vegetarians here.

  • kim is awesome. my idea of the perfect women. sexy as hell

  • You could have so much fun playing with those boobs…not to mention that ass! She truly is the perfect woman.