written by Wanda

Kim Kardashian Makes An … Interesting Fashion Choice.

Now, it’s probably clear to most of our regular readers that I am not exactly a Kim Kardashian fan despite the fact that I find her attractive and love her style. I guess I’d describe my feelings for Kim as conflicted, to say the very least. With that said, I’m really not feeling these photos of Kim and her boyfriend, rapper Kanye West, in Miami. It’s not that Kim doesn’t look good. It’s more that the outfit is … I’m just not sure how to say horrible politely so I’m just going to say it. This outfit is horrible. It doesn’t seem to fit her properly, unless of course it’s meant to make her look flabby. Before anyone jumps on my back for that, I’m not saying Kim is flabby because she obviously isn’t. It’s just the way the outfit makes her look. It’s too tight in some areas which is making her skin muffin top out of it. For the record, I’m a slim girl and I will freely admit I would probably have the same issues if it were me wearing that outfit. Not a comment on Kim at all – just a rare fashion misstep for this Kardashian.


  • This is a very interesting fashion choice. But Kim looks hot no matter what she wears. The outfit really is not my style but she is fine none the less. I have always looked at Kim as a beauty icon so it does not matter what she is wearing.

  • she is fit as fuck no matter what and mr west is one lucky mofo getting to smash her in every night, that pretty face, those big boobs, those great thick legs and that huge bum of hers wow she is s hot.

    Kanye gets to bang it good lol, im jealous of him

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  • Muffin-top Scmuffin-top who cares…..The transparency of of her skirt on Photo #7 displays her thongless ass crack quite nicely.

  • kanye west is the real sob in all this, prob a smug asshole who has shit loads of money is rich as hell, he is getitng to rail all over her and spend some good time in bed with her and yet how many other hotties has he banged over the years, he is the sob, lucky

  • that ass, anal with her must be heaven personified

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