written by Wanda

Kim Kardashian Rocks A Blond Wig

Geez man. I really don’t want to like Kim Kardashian but she makes that so difficult. I absolutely love her style. My other job has required me to do a lot of writing about hairstyles as of late and time and time again, I find myself staring at pictures of Kim K and her hair and those locks are just fantastic. You’d think I’d be against her covering them up but I have to admit, I’m really liking the wig. The blond? The bangs? Gorgeous. Here in Hollywood, Kim is a picture of style and attitude. Side note? I want those shoes. I want them in a very bad way. I’d never wear them but they’d look so good on my overstuffed shoe rack.


  • I’m all for experimentation and I applaud Kim for doing so. However, I think the wig makes her look older than she is. Not the wig itself, but the color, or maybe it’s a combination of the color and the length, I don’t know.

  • I love her outfit, love the shoes, and luuuuurve the belt. I don’t have a problem with wigs. I think wigs are cool – gives you a chance to try things out without having to put your real hair through it. I’m not sure if I like the wig she’s wearing though. No offence intended towards the blog author.

  • I think I’ve figured out what it is: I don’t think the color suits her skin tone. Maybe a darker blond would have suited her better or just a different color altogether. I still think she’s beautiful. Just not really feeling her choice of wig.

  • I see what you mean, but the blond doesn’t look that bad on her. I think she can get away with it. I love the inside of her heels – the red on it – gives it that extra touch.

  • Talking about shoes, just for the record, I get first dips at that pair the MOMENT Kim gets tired of them! I’m just saying, so we all understand :-)

    I get why you’re not sure if you like her in that wig, but you’re right, it doesn’t look totally bad. She could do worse. Plus she’s beautiful either way.

  • Speak for yourself, Tricia! Those shoes are mine, and when I say they’re mine, they’re mine, not even Kim Kardashian’s. Again, sorry blog author, but me and you might have to fight over this one! Those shoes have my name written all over them. Give me back my shoes, Kim!!! LOL!

  • Ladies, ladies, stop fighting over the shoes, because they’re mine! You fail to see that those aren’t your size! They’re the perfect size for me though. Sorry.

    If I didn’t know Kim was naturally dark haired, I’d automatically think the blond hair wasn’t a wig. However, I think it would look extra fab shorter and in a bob.

  • Tanya, erm, did I tell you I have a black belt in karate? No? Well now you know! Those shoes are MINE, you hear, so stay away from them. You can look, gurlfriend, but you can’t touch, you hear?!! Lol!!!

  • You ladies are bananas!!! I think Wanda should have the shoes because she wrote this post, and without this post, you wouldn’t have seen the shoes. I think it’s only fair that they go to Wanda….as long as I get to borrow them every now and then. Hehe!

  • I don’t wear ladies shoes, ahem, but seeing as everyone’s fighting over them, I’m in! Kim K is posting the pair to me as we speak!

    The blonde wig looks cool on Kim. I prefer her dark, but she looks fine in the wig.

  • Oh no you di’int, Roger. This is most certainly all-out war. Those shoes are most certainly not yours, my friend (and I use the term ‘friend’ lightly seeing as we’re adversaries now!)

    Don’t fight a war you can’t win, Roger. You will lose.

  • Tanya, have I ever told you how lethal my farts are? Don’t make me demonstrate or else those shoes will be the last thing you remember. I don’t need to fight a war with you – I just need to release, if you know what I mean :)

    You’ve been warned. And very kindly too.

  • Hahaaaaaa, Roger. You’re cracking me up. It’s too much. Stop!

    Thanks ladies (and gentleman!) for the laughter. Just what I needed.

    Wanda, next time think twice before you mention shoes. As you can see, you have a crazy bunch of folks who will fight you and themselves for it, including me!

    • This entire thread – from start to finish – made me laugh. And I mean, like real belly laughs with the tears and the whole deal. I think you’re right about standing a little something with the shoe thing but I will never stop being bananas over shoes so I’m sure there will be another fight just like this one in the not so distant future. And I look forward to it. You folks are great!

      For the record though, they’re MINE. I used caps so you know I’m serious.

  • Wanda, why in the world do you wanna go and pick up a fight again after the dust has settled? I used caps too when I said “mine”, so join the queue, honey!

    If you’re looking for a fight, I ain’t tired yet, so bring it! In fact, I’m sharpening my horns as we speak! :)

  • Wanda, whoever told you those shoes were yours was lying through their yellow teeth. Those shoes are M.I.N.E. Kim borrowed them from me last month. Famali, I’m not ignoring you either. You need to step off, gurl. They are not nor will they ever be yours.

    We all clear? Good! Hehe! :-)

  • i want her

  • sit on my face pls kim