written by Wanda

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Curves In Miami.

As I wrote the title, I wondered whether or not it would even be possible for Kim Kardashian to hide those famous curves of hers. Maybe it’s not really that she’s showing off her curves intentionally. Maybe that’s just what happens naturally when one has curves like Kim’s. She could wear a potato sack and that ass would still stick out. I’m okay with that. Even though I’m not a huge Kim fan, I do like these photos taken in Miami.I like the dress. It’s a great color for her. I’m not crazy over the accents on the back but they’re not distracting or over the top. It’s a nice look for Kim. I especially love the simple hair and makeup. The dress is what’s supposed to make the statement here and Kim has recognized that and kept her hair and makeup looking less dramatic. Well done, Kim. These pics are a great example of why I like your style so much and why I can’t dislike you as much as I’d like to.


  • I do not know what the big deal about Kim K. is. I mean it is clearly obvious that she is only famous because of her sex tape. She just looks really fake to me. I much prefer Khloe over her.

  • id plow that all night, wanna smash her back doors in, look at that ass, it needs some attention and she clearly loves the attention too, she is a tease but god she is hot.

  • now that a real women with a real body, wow killer body on her

  • I have always loved all of the Kardashians. They are so entertaining. And Kim is pretty. She does know how to work her curves. I would say that out of all 3 of them she is the sexiest. Does not mean the others are not pretty but she is very pretty.

  • wanna tap that ass

  • she has huge boobies, great curves but how can yo like somene because they have great body,I like people who are nice people not for what they look like

  • nowadays sex sells and she is pure sex, the gorgeous face, the all round body, big boobs, big ass, great curves, she loves attention she is a media whore but she is a sexy women.

    The Lady with her is very pretty too