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Kim Kardashian Spilling Out Of Her Top

I give Kim Kardashian a hard time from time to time. It’s not that I don’t like her… well, okay. It is actually that I don’t like her but that tends to be the rule for me with most reality television stars. I like celebrities who are, ya know, talented at something other that sex tapes and looking hot. With that said, I have to hand it to Kim. She definitely knows how to look hot. She generally wears clothes that highlight her best features and this dress she’s wearing in Beverly Hills is no different. It’s not only a nice looking dress but it looks fairly comfortable – something any woman could wear. I’d imagine the price tag on it would keep it out of a ‘common’ woman’s closet but it’s still a nice look.

Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top

Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top Kim Kardashian spilling out of her top


  • I don’t know why the hell people talk sh*t about Kim Kardashian, she’s like the most Beautiful woman in the world. People that talk sh*it about her are obviously jealous of her looks. SHE IS NOT FAKE AT ALL PEOPLE!! DON’T SAY SHE’S FAKE CUZ YOUR FU*CKING JEALOUS!!! I’m sick of people, go f*ck yourself people. She is like such a nice person too, she did’nt do sh*t to u people so stop being such judgmental pricks, and get your ass off the damn sofa u f*cking pricks!… KIM KARDASHIAN IS AWSOME SO LEAVE HER THE F*CK ALONE!!.. Luv yah Kim! :D (in a non homo way) :D :)

  • hi r u big boobs like it

  • That women puts the ard ss in LA

  • Kristen you sound like a 9 years old, shut up and grow up.

  • Damman She’s hot n gorgeous n silky boobs mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • Great ***, but she still has a fat ass. Don’t get me wrong I would still lick her from head to toe.

  • HI BEYB..Ur verry sexy n beautyfull..i Love u kim

  • Kim Kardashian is a very beautiful woman, and a very clever one too. She’s not as dumb as some people suppose. It’s like Paris Hilton. I used to think she was dumb, dumb, dumb, but she knows what she’s doing. She’s a business woman. The only area I see Kim being dumb in is where matters of the heart are concerned. But then everyone’s gone through that at some point in their lives (celebrity or not).

  • i,d love to give her a very hard time

  • My mom and kim r d 2 most beautiful womens in d world..my dad is 56 but mom only 36..nw am 18 year old..i am ready to share my mom.

  • great big boobs and nice meaty legs, love women who ahve her body must say, curves are awesome

  • Kim is so good looking and has the sexiest most amazing legs, just so hot

  • amazing ***, great boobs, you have to laught at women who show cleavage though ad then you stare or look at them and check them out and they get pissed, such attention seekers really

  • great rack and those thick legs are yummy, she is a fox

  • she might be talentless and annoying but you cant deny she is a total hot babe, awesome face, best boy ever, her boobs are huge her ass is huge, those legs are unreal, I would love to tap her

  • Imagine titty fucking kim kardashian, every guys dream is to do that

  • I would love to motorboat her, Kim keep showing off your tremendous boobs

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