written by Christine

Kim Kardashian Struts Her Stuff

Oh look! Kim Kardashian has more in her wardrobe other than that bloody awful pink velour track suit! Here she is in her hometown of L.A. strutting her stuff. By all accounts it looks like she was initially caught off guard by the paps. We see that didn’t last long as our girl Kim gets a little coquettish for the cameras as time moves on. Oh yes, she certainly does like to show it all off, doesn’t she? My opinion though? We’ve already seen enough of her behind. Much much MORE than enough!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian in LA Kim Kardashian 2.JPG Kim Kardashian 3.JPG Kim Kardashian 4.JPG Kim Kardashian 5.JPG Kim Kardashian 6.JPG Kim Kardashian 7.JPG Kim Kardashian 8.JPG Kim Kardashian 9.JPG


  • She’s been replaced as Christmas’s hottest web subject by Lilian Garcia, who may not have the enormous boobs but is natural and beautiful.

  • You can see tiny amounts of cleavage from Kim, but she still looks very nice. I never noticed her cross, though, but I guess she’s Christian? Could someone clarify?

  • Like she’s savoring every click of the camera giving the oohs and uhhs. Well, she looks good. Nice butt and lovely hair. Even having enough of her, she’s just as natural and loves the attention given to her.

  • This is one of the sophisticated look we have.. looks beautiful naturally with her dark features.. her sensuality exposed even when she’s covered.. she loves the camera and definitely how to make love with it…

  • Shes look nice to me, and she really good and definitely looks natural to the camera. Really nice butt she’s got there and of course her boobs.

  • The pictures proves that a woman to look sexy and sensual don’t need to be almost naked…
    She has wonderful lips too and a great smile… love it.

  • Well looks good to me. I like her boots though. I wish there could be nothing except the boots. Do not know why I only attracted to those boots but it’s the inner feeling that’s matter.

  • Kim looks like a dream to me.She is so photogenic.
    I can talk all day about her awesome looking boobs.

  • she is very different than the last i see her…more feminint…lol


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