written by Wanda

Kim Kardashian Takes In A Drag Boat Race.

By now, most of our regular readers know how I feel about Kim Kardashian. If you’re new ’round these parts, I’ll sum it up quickly for you. I’m pretty conflicted on Kim. As a media personality, she bugs me. Most ‘famous for being famous’ people do. At the same time, I love her style and think she’s gorgeous. See? Conflicted. These pictures are no exception. Here at a Drag Boat Race in Miami, Kim looks gorgeous. I always love seeing Kim looking a little more casual. I just wonder sometimes if everything she does is for the benefit of the cameras that follow her everywhere she goes. Is she just in the habit of striking sexy poses in her day to day life? Does she do that when no cameras are around? Life’s great mysteries. Whatever. She looks sexy here and in the end, that’s really all anyone cares about when it comes to Kim K, so I’d say these pictures are a success.


  • Squat tag in a pickle patch.

  • What is her mother Kris doing in the first photo? Does not look right.
    Anyway I think that the only reason that Kim is famous is because of her dad and the sex tape that she did. Who really cares about her? Gorgeous yes but not someone that is all that important.

  • great big knockers on this sexy bitch

  • awesome cleavage, so hot