written by Ann

Kim Kardashian’s Huge Bell Bottoms

Kim Kardashian visited a furniture store in LA. She wore huge bell bottoms. I haven’t seen retro pants in a long while. She could have had them custom made or bought them from some antique fashion store. Kim wrote in her blog that she went to the store to select couches and lights. She did not have time to decorate her house to her taste so this was her chance to redecorate. Adrienne and Rob have got together in a new home. Adrienne accompanied Kim here to shop for furniture too.

Kim Kardashian

fashion store Kim Kardashian 2.jpg Kim Kardashian 3.jpg Kim Kardashian 4.jpg Kim Kardashian 5.jpg Kim Kardashian 6.jpg Kim Kardashian 7.jpg Kim Kardashian 8.jpg Bell Bottoms Kim Kardashian ass


  • yummy!

  • great posing… kim is delicious

  • Yeah… she knows her strengths ^^

  • it’s huge damn

  • haha the greatest celebrity ass

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