written by Wanda

Kimberley Garner And Her Interesting London Look

Here’s the weird thing about the outfit Kimberly Garner is sporting in these photos from London. I love the hat. I love the dress. I don’t love the hat and the dress together. I think the hat and the dress could haveĀ worked together with some blue statement jewelry pieces but all that is actually pretty unimportant. Weird outfit aside, Kimberly looks fantastic here. The dress compliments her body beautifully and shows off some of her best features. I love the fit of the dress. It’s not a style we see every day so it stands out. At the same time, it really is hard for me to get past the fact that Kimberly opted to top off such a lovely dress with such a loud hat that seems so out of place with the outfit. All the same, the photos are great – just not quite as great as they could’ve been. I think the same style hat but in white would’ve been perfect.

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