written by Wanda

Kimberley Garner Is Looking Especially Gorgeous In London

I know this isn’t a fashion site by any means and most of the people who come here are looking for boobs and butts but I have to take just a moment to talk about the dress Kimberley Garner is wearing in these photos, snapped in London. I love this dress in a way I don’t typically like dresses. See, I’m not exactly what one would call a fashionista. I like the way dresses make women look sometimes but I don’t get all “I have to have that dress!” over things most of the time. This would be an exception. I love the pattern of this dress. I love the cut. I love the length. Of course, it looks far better on Kimberley than it would ever look on me but I love it all the same. These photos are great. Kimberley looks lovely and the dress is killer. Well done, lady.

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  • nice legs