written by Wanda

Kimberley Garner Looks So Very Sexy In Cannes

I really have to start watching more reality television. I mean that. I generally have a ‘no reality television’ rule but I’m apparently really missing out. Because I don’t watch these types of shows, I really had no idea who Kimberly Garner was or why she’s considered a celebrity when I was assigned these photos of the pretty blond in Cannes. After a little careful research, however, I discovered Kimberly is mostly known for being a bit of a backstabbing bitch on reality show, Made In Chelsea. Kimberly isn’t just content with being a reality star though. She’s branched out into designing and various other creative ventures and I respect that. From what I hear though, I might lose some of that respect if I checked her out on the show. For what it’s worth, she looks incredible in these photos.

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