written by Wanda

Kimberley Walsh In A Tight Blue Dress

I think these Kimberley Walsh photos are great. I mean, they’re just so simple but at the same time, they’re so sexy. Kimberley really picked the absolute perfect dress to show off her killer body without making it look like she was trying to show off her killer body. Sometimes I feel that women in the entertainment industry try too hard to be sexy all the time. Sometimes it works but sometimes it comes off as looking trashy or desperate. Kimberley has avoided that here by choosing her dress well. It’s flattering. It’s sexy. It’s a great color. Everything about these photos works, at least in my eyes. Great shots.


  • she is fine as fuck, pretty and her body is great, curvy, she has a great ass on her, like her heels too

  • her body is epic all over, I love jerking over sexy kimberley, She is very good looking and her ass is so great, one of the best asses period, what a body.

    I agree Fit as Fuck

  • wish she was in my bed, that ass needs attention

  • she is such a babe, perfect body