written by Wanda

Kimora Lee Simmons And Hana Nitsche Hang Out On The Beach.

Kimora Lee Simmons is just absolutely stunning. Hana Nitsche is also stunning. Bikini pictures of the two of them together? Pretty much perfect. I know it really goes without saying, but these women are so incredibly gorgeous, any pictures of the two of them together are going to be hot. If they happen to in bikinis in said pictures, even better. It’s not even fair to compare the beauty of these two women. If I were forced to choose, I’d say I’m more attracted to Kimora but that’s just personal preference. There’s something about Kimora I just find almost laughably appealing. It’s just ridiculous to me that one woman can possibly be that hot and these pictures only further reinforce that belief. Of course, Hana is nothing to sneeze at either. Great pictures.

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