written by Wanda

Kirsten Dunst And Lizzy Caplan Are Close

I’m not sure I’ve had the opportunity lately to write about my ridiculously strong and long standing love for Kirsten Dunst. Sure the girl has had her problems but who hasn’t? I like the fact that Kristen chose to get help on her own. That takes a huge amount of strength and a huge amount of courage. I have to give her serious credit for that one. Here with with Lizzy Caplan at the Film Festival Sheets Energy, Kristen and Lizzy both look beautiful and Kirsten actually looks very happy and very healthy. I love everything about these pictures. Kirsten’s clearly having a lot of fun and I love seeing a beautiful woman having a good time.


  • I like Kirsten. I didn’t realise she was having problems though. I had to go and look it up to see what it was. I’m glad she sought help. Not an easy thing to accept that you need help and then to actually go and get it. Good on her.

  • Ah, so you don’t like seeing an ugly woman having a good time.

    You don’t have to answer that. Just pulling your leg.

    I think Kirsten’s cool. She’s a great actress and is beautiful in her own way. I also love her dimples!

  • Kirsten’s a babe. She totally rocks. I have a lot of time for any of the films she’s in. Love watching her interviews too. I think she’s really sweet. Really good to see her on the up. I agree, Karen. Takes a helluva a lot of courage to go get help. Plus she’s talking about it too. She rocks.